Presidential Jeopardy!

Time to test your knowledge about the presidents, using… Presidential Jeopardy!


  1. Write down your answers. (don’t look them up!)
  2. Email them to me at!
  3. Let me know if I can add you to the leader board, if you prefer to be anonymous.

LEADER BOARD (out of possible 7,500 points):

  • Rebecca Stropoli (the woman who named me) — 4,500 (5-star score!)
  • Sue Walters (my 87-year-old neighbor) — 3,700 (5-star score)
  • Andrew Miller (my neighbor) — 3,700 (5-star score)
  • Matt Jones (dad) — 2,600 (4-star score)

Originally published at on August 13, 2020.