Time to test your knowledge about the presidents, using… Presidential Jeopardy!


  1. Write down your answers. (don’t look them up!)
  2. Email them to me at langston.jones.stu@ebnola.com!
  3. Let me know if I can add you to the leader board, if you prefer to be anonymous.

LEADER BOARD (out of possible 7,500 points):

  • Rebecca Stropoli (the woman who named me) — 4,500 (5-star score!)
  • Sue Walters (my 87-year-old neighbor) — 3,700 (5-star score)
  • Andrew Miller (my neighbor) — 3,700 (5-star score)
  • Matt Jones (dad) — 2,600 (4-star score)

Originally published at https://langstonjones.wixsite.com on August 13, 2020.

I am an eight year old who’s interested in presidents and history. I’m posting some of my favorite lists for you!